Anupam Achhami

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Hello, I'm Anupam Achhami

Mr. Anupam Achhami is the Senior Light Operator as well as Head of LED wall display, AV & Projection of ISS. He started his work since 2006 at ISS. He is also a Creative Stage Designer and has completed his IA from Lalit Kala Campus, Bhotahiti, Kathmandu, Nepal, Motion Graphics & 3D design from MAYA Animation Studio, Jamal, Kathmandu, Nepal, Electrical course from CTEVT, Electronic course from TAI institute, He is LD of Nepalaya (Nepathya) from 2010 & AV from 2014. He worked in India, Malaysia, Australia & New Zealand.


Stages have evolved into living, breathing extensions of the artists upon them. Like never before, the importance of sound, lighting, video, and special effects cannot be overstated.

What I Do

LED Display Operating
Light Programming / Operating
Live Sound Mixing
Projection Mapping
Timecode Light Show
3D Lighting Design Visualizer
Stage Design
Motion Graphics
Live Recording
Audio Editing, Mixing & Mastering